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A report of doubtful veracity. Formal we have total confidence in the veracity of our research.

Pdf The Ethics Of Veracity And It Is Importance In The Medical Ethics

Vəræsɪti uncountable noun.

What is the definition of veracity. Find another word for veracity. See synonyms at truth. The definition of veracity is truthfulness or accuracy.

The quality of being true honest or. Accuracy truth credibility precision more synonyms of veracity. Conformity to fact or truth.

An example of veracity is the historical correctness of a biography. Examples from the corpus veracity this proposition has been the subject of much empirical debate but at present there seems no overwhelming consensus as to its veracity. Veracity is the quality of being true or the habit of telling the truth.

Veracity definition habitual observance of truth in speech or statement. The veracity of the story. 19 synonyms of veracity from the merriam webster thesaurus plus 48 related words definitions and antonyms.

The quality of being true honest or accurate. How to use veracity in a sentence. Veracity definition is conformity with truth or fact.

Of he was shocked to find his veracity questioned. The quality of being true honest or accurate. He was not noted for his veracity.

The verifiable facts in an honest environmental report are an example of veracity. Devotion to telling the truth. The quality of being true honest or.

Ve ra ci ty vəˈræsəti noun uncountable formal the fact of being true or correct syn truth veracity of has anyone checked the veracity of these allegations.

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