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The comprehensive metabolic panel cmp is a group of 14 tests that measures several substances in your blood. A comprehensive metabolic panel cmp is a set of 14 blood tests that give your doctor valuable information about your body s metabolism in particular liver and kidney functioning fluid balance and electrolyte levels.

Comparison Of Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Results From Phase I And Ii Download Table

The cmp provides a rough check of kidney function liver function diabetic and parathyroid status and electrolyte and fluid balance but this type of screening has its limitations.

What is included in a complete metabolic panel. Alkaline phosphatase alp alanine aminotransferase alt aspartate aminotransferase ast. But these may be changed depending on what your healthcare provider is looking for. The 14 tests that are included in most cmps are.

Albumin a liver protein. Most labs do the same 14 tests. Abnormal values from a cmp are often the result of false positives and thus the cmp may need to be repeated requiring a second blood drawing procedure and possibly additional.

A cmp includes tests for the following. The comprehensive metabolic panel or chemical screen is a panel of 14 blood tests which serves as an initial broad medical screening tool. It may be done to assess your general health or to diagnose and follow the course of certain diseases and their management.

The liver panel includes total protein aspartate. Comprehensive metabolic panel cmp is a series of blood tests that give your doctor a snapshot of your body s chemistry and the way it s using energy your metabolism. It provides important information about your body s chemical balance and metabolism.

The cmp is often used as part of a general health exam to screen for and diagnose a number of conditions that can affect your kidneys lungs and liver for example. A comprehensive metabolic panel cmp 14 includes 14 different blood tests that provide information on the levels of glucose calcium proteins electrolytes and lipid panel in one s body as well as information on liver and kidney function. They may also vary slightly between labs.

What is a comprehensive metabolic panel cmp. The test is often ordered as a part of a yearly health check. Metabolism is the process of how the body uses food and energy.

It s also called a. A comprehensive metabolic panel cmp is a test that measures 14 different substances in your blood. The only difference between a basic and a comprehensive metabolic panel is the addition of a liver panel for the comprehensive panel.

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