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In tesing the magnitude of the result matters. An abnormal test result for potassium then is one whose value is greater than the highest in the range of values in normal people.

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But the greater the potassium level the more the diagnostic and treatment decisions may vary.

What does abnormal lab results mean. Yash khanna answered 56 years experience family medicine. A key concept in testing is that the value of any test result may vary. Glucose serpl qn result 54 mg dl low chloride serpl qn result 97 mmol l low rbc result 2 5 hpf abnormal dr.

Normal blood work means that no sign of the disease is spotted but even abnormal blood work is not necessarily proof that there s something wrong. What does my lab results mean. Rather they are used to determine whether a particular disease or something irregular is present in your body.

Sometimes abnormal lab values indicate a need for further testing such as when a person s laboratory readings indicate a possible problem with the liver heart or kidneys. Other times abnormal lab values are a clue that the person needs to make an important lifestyle change such as when there are high cholesterol or triglyceride vales.

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