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What is the westley croup score. No matter which system is used to assess severity the two most critical features are the presence of chest wall retractions and stridor at rest.

Neo Pedia Assessment Of Severity Of Croup Using Westley Clinical Scoring System

The severity of croup can be described by a clinical scoring system the most extensively studied being the westley croup score.

Westley croup score. Remember that the westley croup score is typically used for research purposes. Croup scores have been developed to assist the clinician in assessing the patient s degree of respiratory compromise. Total possible score 0 17.

The most commonly used system for classifying the severity of croup is the westley score. Neto and colleagues study on croup in the september 2002 issue1 of academic emergency medicine was long overdue in the medical community. He had awoken with the cough and tachypnea.

This westley croup score calculator comprises of five criteria each of them with answer choices. Level of consciousness cyanosis stridor air entry and retractions. It evaluates the general state of consciousness of the patient cyanosis signs airway obstructions chest wall retractions and inspiratory stridor.

The primary outcome was a change in the croup score based on the system developed by westley et al 2 shown in table 1 of the neto article. He had had some rhinorrhea for 2 days but was afebrile. Am j dis child.

It is primarily used for research purposes rather than in clinical practice. The westley croup score to the editor dr. 1 consider bacterial tracheitis in an ill appearing child with croup like symptoms.

Management is typically based on clinical signs and symptoms. It is the sum of points assigned for five factors. Posted on december 3 2012 by pediatric education.

A commonly cited croup severity rating score is called the westley score. Nebulized racemic epinephrine by ippb for the treatment of croup. 4 mild croup 4 6 moderate croup 6 severe croup.

Westley cr cotton ek brooks jg. Patient presentation a 3 year old male came to clinic with a history of a barky seal like cough the previous night.

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