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The wear and tear theory of aging is an idea proposed by german biologist dr. The theory suggests that aging results from a gradual deterioration of the cells and tissues of the body via wear and tear oxidative stress exposure to radiation toxins or other deteriorative processes.

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Components of an aging car break due to repeated use.

Wear and tear theory of aging. Wear and tear theories of biological aging propose that aging in humans and other animals is simply the result of universal deteriorative processes that operate in any organized system. It is very logical because it is what happens to the nonliving things that people observe around them i e. Once they wear out they can no longer function correctly.

The wear and tear theory of aging one of several theories asserts that the effects of aging are caused by progressive damage to cells and body systems over time. The wear and tear theory of aging was first introduced by dr. August weismann a german biologist in 1882.

Cells and tissues have vital parts that wear out resulting in aging. August wiesmann in 1882. Essentially our bodies wear out due to use.

According to these theories humans age for the same reasons and because of the same processes that cause aging in automobiles and exterior paint.

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