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What does veal chop mean in nursing. Veal chop sometimes referred to as veal chop nursing is a mnemonic used during delivery to remember fetal heart rate pattern changes.

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The veal chop nursing acronym is a trick to remember fetal heart rate patterns.

Veal chop acronym. Veal correlates to accelerations and decelerations. Veal stands for variable deceleration early decelerations accelerations and late decelerations which aligns with chop and stands for cord compression head compression oxygenated or ok and placental insufficiency. Rapid increases acceleration or decreases deceleration in a fetus s heart rate can be a cause of concern.

Early decelerations are associated with head compression. This is generally a benign event e and h. The words that makeup chop help you remember the cause that leads to each fetal heart rate change whether it is an acceleration or a deceleration.

Variable decelerations are associated with cord compression v and c. Veal chop allows nurses to understand what the infant is experiencing and if action is required. Veal chop is an acronym to remember the fetal heart rate changes.

Veal chop is a mnemonic that helps the providers determine what the fetal heart is telling us during labor.

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