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The main risk of using a urinary catheter is that it can sometimes allow bacteria to enter your body. Several complications with ic have been described however including urinary tract infection genital infection urethral bleeding urethritis urethral stricture and bladder stones.

Urinary Catheter Care Skills In Asepsis

These types of infection are known as urinary tract infections utis.

Urinary catheterization risks. This can cause an infection in the urethra bladder or less commonly in the kidneys. Allergic reaction to the material used in the catheter such as latex. Complications adverse events external urinary catheters an external urine collection device eucd may be external and less invasive but they are not free of risks.

Injury to the urethra. Findings twelve research studies were included which showed the presence of short term indwelling urinary catheters increased the risk of infection length of hospital stay and mortality rates. Other complications from using a urinary catheter include.

Urinary catheters are typically made of latex. This blood is typically caused by irritation of the ureters and bladder by the catheter itself. Blood in the urine and latex allergy the use of a urinary catheter may also cause a small amount of blood in the urine.

To prevent these complications patients should be well instructed on the technique and the risks of ic. Blood in the urine. The main disadvantage of a urinary catheter is that the equipment can sometimes allow bacteria to enter the body.

These types of infection are collectively known as urinary tract infections. This can cause an infection in the urethra bladder or less commonly kidneys. Blood may also be present if there is an infection in the urinary tract.

Complications and adverse effects include skin lesion ulceration and breakdown from pressure necrosis and moisture urethral fistula or very rarely gangrene of the penis.

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