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A range of 5 0 8 0 is considered normal higgins 2007. Turbid or cloudy urine may result from infection the presence of blood cells bacteria or yeast eg candida.

Urinalysis Results Interpretation

Normal urine should range in color from clear to.

Urinalysis results explained. Mg dl mg dl mø dl mg dl wbc hpr rbc hpf lab status. Dark urine abnormal colors blood in urine cloudy urine or foamy urine can indicate kidney problems dehydration or other medical problems. Results yellow turbid 1 025 6 0 neg neg neg large loo pos large few calctum oxalate crystals noted none seen 740 many abnormal reterence range result.

Iron supplements may cause a dark brown specimen as might amounts of prophobilin or urobilin a chemical produced in the intestines normal urine is also transparent. Red urine may be due to blood haemoglobin or beetroot. The tests detect and or measure several substances in the urine such as byproducts of normal and abnormal metabolism cells cellular fragments and bacteria.

Often substances such as protein or glucose will begin to appear. F sln sln sln sln sln. Interpretation of urinalysis results urinalysis is used as a screening and or diagnostic tool to detect substances or cellular material in the urine associated with metabolic disorders renal dysfunction or urinary tract infections uti.

Urine is produced by the kidneys two fist sized organs located on either side of the spine at the bottom of the ribcage. A urinalysis is a group of physical chemical and microscopic tests. 4 29 2ø16 3 ž4 yellow clear 1 005a 030 5 0 8 0 neg neg neg neg neg 0 0 1 0 neg neg rare none seen none seen rare units m.

Acidic urine may indicate formation of urinary stones while alkaline urine may indicate a uti with certain types of bacteria such as proteus mirabilis klebsiella or pseudomonas higgins 2007. All urine will give a ph reading on analysis and it is usually slightly acidic.

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