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Types of skeletal traction balanced suspension traction is used when a patient. Skeletal traction involves placing a pin wire or screw in the fractured bone.

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After one of these devices has been inserted weights are attached to it so the bone can be pulled into the correct position.

Types of skeletal traction. Buck introduced simple horizontal traction in 1861. Two types of skeletal traction that are commonly used are balanced suspension traction and skull tongs traction. Many other varieties of both skeletal and skin traction result in a similar effect.

Traction is analogous to pugh s traction only the inclination of the bed is replaced by the application of weights over a pulley. In addition this type of traction can also be used for the reduction of deformities that have a degenerative rheumatoid or infectious cause. This type of surgery may be done using a general spinal or local anesthetic to keep you from feeling pain during the procedure.

Skeletal cervical traction allows for pull along the axis of the spine while providing for alignment and maintaining the cervical spinal canal volume. The type of traction used will depend on the location and the nature of the problem. The two main types of traction are skeletal traction and skin traction.

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