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Troponins describe a group of proteins that are normally found in the skeletal muscle and heart. Normal levels fall below the 99th percentile in the blood test.

Cardiac Troponin Levels In Acute Heart Failure

If troponin results are above this level it may be an indication of heart.

Troponin values normal. However a very small number of healthy people have higher than average. Troponin levels are measured in nanograms per milliliter. However doctors do not use elevated troponin levels alone to diagnose a heart condition.

Higher than normal levels of troponin can also indicate other injuries and conditions that affect the heart. The troponin normal range may differ slightly from one lab to another. The levels of cardiac troponin are usually so low that they aren t noticed in a majority of blood tests.

Above 0 40 ng ml having a result between 0 04 and 0 39 ng ml often indicates a problem with the heart. Normal troponin levels in the blood are very low but levels can increase due to heart damage a heart attack myocardial infarction or other serious illnesses. Below 0 04 ng ml probable heart attack.

The normal range is between 0 and 0 4 ng ml. Values and units for reporting the test results measuring cardiac enzymes vary considerably according to webmd. The university of washington s department of laboratory medicine provides the following ranges for troponin i levels.

This reference range can vary from lab to lab. Normal levels of the two types of troponin are less than 0 35 micrograms per liter of troponin i and less than 0 2 micrograms per liter of troponin t. What is considered a high level.

The presence of normal levels of troponin 12 hours after the patient has complained of chest pains means that the chances of a heart attack are minimal.

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