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In a retrospective study two decades ago norenberg and colleagues described autopsy results from 12 patients who had undergone rapid correction 20 mmol l over 1 to 3 days occasionally reaching hypernatremia. We present here a case of severe hypona tremia of unknown duration with the presenting plasma sodium level of 95 mmol l and use it to illustrate the various treatment strategies proactive reactive or rescue therapy along with the physiological basis to support.

Recent Advances In The Management Of Hyponatremia In Cancer Patients

Severe symptoms were defined as vomiting cardiorespiratory arrest deep somnolence seizures or coma.

Treatment of severe hyponatremia. The european guidelines recommend rapid infusion of 3 saline for severe or moderately severe symptoms without regard to chronicity of hyponatremia. Peter gross universita tsklinikum carl gustav carus dresden federal republic of germany wasawake andfullyoriented. Patients with chronic symptomatic hyponatremia 48 72.

In patients with chronic. Inadequate treatment of severe hyponatremia 120 meq l can be associated with severe neurological damage. Still the treatment of chronic severe hyponatremia is controversial because of the alleged possibility of inducing cerebral myelinolysis.

Examination of the heart and lungs was normal. Sustained water diuresis and a correction of hyponatremia. Acute hyponatremia 48 h is usually observed in the postoperative period these patients need prompt treatment with hypertonic saline 3 to avoid epilepsia and respiratory arrest.

The modalities of treatment of severe hyponatremia have so far consisted of infusions of hypertonic saline plus fluid in the near future vasopressin antagonists will become available. Hermentalstatus cranialnerves and deep tendon reflexes all were normal. Management includes instituting immediate treatment in patients with acute severe hyponatremia because of the risk of cerebral edema and hyponatremic encephalopathy.

Her abdomen showed tenderness. Treatment of severe hyponatremia principal discussant. Correction should be prescribed.

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