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If a does 1 n 1 n work in a day a can finish the work in n n days. More work more time required.

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Remaining 1 6th of the work must be done by c the only person present.

Time and work formula in maths. Work and time formulas three universal rules. A is k times as good a worker as b and takes x days less than b to finish the work. If a person can do a piece of work in n days hours then that person s one day s hour s work 1 n.

Now as he did 1 6th of the work he should be paid 1 6th of the money i e. Interest principal rate of interest time tips cost of meals tip rate commission cost of service commission rate geometry formulas. If first person is n times efficient than second person then work done by first person.

If m1 m 1 men can do w1 w 1 work in d1 d 1 days working h1 h 1 hours per day and m2 m 2 men can do w2 w 2 work in d2 d 2 days working h2 h 2 hours per day then. A comprehensive list of the most commonly used basic math formulas. Time taken 1 rate of work.

An easy way to remember the formulae is to put distance. If you are looking for a formula to solve your basic math problems your formula is likely here. All of the calculations in this section will be worked out using the distance speed and time formulae.

So a will will take half an hour or 30 minutes to complete the remaining work 1 20. A has n times as much capacity to do work as b a will take 1 n of the time taken by b to do the same amount of work. It can be written as m 1 d 1 w 2 m 2 d 2 w 1.

If a is n times as efficient as b i e. That means they together did 1 2 1 3 5 6th of the work. Work done is always considered to be equal to 1.

Time taken by a to complete this 1 20 part of the work is amount of work part of work done in 1 hour 1 20 1 10 1 20 10 1 1 2 hours. B coz 2 15 is a work done by them in one day but we need total work of them so 2 15 is one day work than total work is 15 2 reply sankha subhra ghosh says. Total wok done number of days efficiency.

Given below are a few such important time and work formulas for your reference. Second person n. Rate of work 1 time taken.

Distance speed and time formulae. If a piece of work is done in x number of days then the work done in one day 1 x. If a can do a piece of work in n n days work done by a in 1 1 day 1 n 1 n.

If a person s one day s hour s work 1 n then he will complete then he will complete the work in n days hours. Work done time taken rate of work. So total time taken to complete the work is 6 hours 30 minues 6 hours.

Important formulas time and work. 3000 1 6 rs. Then the amount of time required by a and b working together is days.

Using work and time formula in 24 days working alone a b would have done 24 48 1 2 and 24 72 1 3 of the work. April 1 2016 at 1 15 pm. If m 1 persons can do w 1 work in d 1 days and m 2 persons can do w 2 works in d 2 days then the formula frac m 1 d 1 w 1 frac m 2 d 2 w 2.

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