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Ecg interpretation overview 1. Now hopefully a lot of our ecg posts will make more sense to you.

Systematic Ekg Interpretation Rate Atrial Ventricular Rhythm Grepmed

This video systematic ecg interpretation is part of the lecturio course cardiology ecg interpretation watch the complete course on http lectur io.

Systematic ecg interpretation. The best advice i can suggest to people new at 12 lead interpretation is to fully look at one and just do the step by step approach. The key to interpretation of any ecg is to utilize a systematic approach. The ecg must always be interpreted systematically.

Ecg type recording 2. Systematic ecg interpretation 1. The interpretation algorithm presented below is easy to follow and it can be carried out by anyone.

Rate rhythm axis 3. Q waves r waves 6. The st segment is the part of the ecg between the end of the s wave and the start of the t wave.

Failure to perform a systematic interpretation of the ecg may be detrimental. Abnormalities of the st segment should be investigated to rule out pathology. Raa laa pr interval duration hb pre excitation pr segment depression qrs duration amplitude morphology q waves r wave st segment depression elevation morphology t wave axis morphology duration qt interval u.

Pr interval segment 5. As time goes on it will become more automatic. Various components of an ecg st elevation.

The more you look at the easier it will come to you. The approach we suggest for interpreting each 12 lead ecg you encounter entails sequential systematic assessment of the 6 parameters that we list below and summarize in figure 2. Ecg interpretation overview 11.

Systematic analysis dr nola mcpherson cme scgh 2014 2. Systematic approach to ecg interpretation. In a healthy individual it should be an isoelectric line neither elevated nor depressed.

Ecg systematic evaluation calibration speed n 10mm 1mv 25mm sec rhythm regularity qrs width rate axis n lad rad p wave presence relationship to qrs axis amp. Medicine is all about baby steps. Efficient and safe method.

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