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Alimentary canal is also called gastrointestinal gi tract is a continuous tube that extends from your mouth to your anus through the thoracic and abdominopelvic cavities. It is a continuous muscular tube which runs through the body and it is around 8 to 10 meters long.

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The alimentary canal plays a primary role in the human digestion and is also termed as the digestive tract.

Alimentary canal structures. The alimentary canal is mainly referred to as the pathway by which food enters our body and moves out through the anus after digestion. Alimentary canal definition the alimentary canal is a continuous passage starting from the mouth and ending at the anus which carries food through different parts of the digestive system and allows waste to exit the body. Organs of the alimentary canal or gastrointestinal tract include the mouth most of the pharynx esophagus stomach small intestine.

Alimentary canal structure functions and organs the alimentary canal is a major part of the digestive system. The walls of the alimentary canal have a consistent structure from the oesophagus onwards. The alimentary canal varies widely in organism but is only seen in organism which are bilaterally symmetrical.

Along the alimentary canal the structure varies depending on the function being performed. The mouth and pharynx have slightly different structures. The wall of the alimentary canal consists of four layers also known as tunics.

It is a tube like structure which starts from the mouth and ends in the anus. It is open at 2 ends with the mouth at the anterior end and anus at the posterior end.

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