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Your penis should be at an angle of 60 to 90 degrees. Use sterile gloves drapes sponges 5.

Urinary Catheters 4 Teaching Intermittent Self Catheterisation Nursing Times

Apply sterile gloves and use strict sterile technique for the foley insertion procedure.

Steps to insert a foley catheter. Set up a sterile field 4. Before insertion dispense the lubricating gel into the kit tray pour cleansing solution over three cotton balls remove the plastic sleeve from the catheter and lock the sterile water syringe into the port. Use appropriate antiseptic or sterile solution for peri urethral cleaning remove gloves and perform hand hygiene after peri urethral cleaning and prior to insertion 3.

Using the sterile dominant hand pick up the catheter with a gloved hand. Hold the catheter in your dominate hand and slowly insert in into the urinary meatus or the small opening on the top of your penis. Make sure to discard the swab from the sterile area immediately.

Hold the penis perpendicular to the body to straighten the urethra using a non dominant hand while the dominant hand is gently inserting the catheter. Use your non dominant hand to hold your penis so it straight out in front of your body. I was lucky enough to have a professor who was very supportive with me.

Before beginning any catheterization procedure make sure to properly identify the patient wash your hands and that all the supplies are handy. Watch and learn how to properly insert a foley catheter in a man. To insert a catheter have the patient lie on their back with their legs spread and feet together.

Using a non dominant hand spread the labia while the dominant hand which holds the catheter will be used in the gentle insertion of the catheter into the urethral meatus. This how to video demonstrates how to do a male foley catheter insertion. Perform hand hygiene immediately before and after insertion 2.

After you ve washed your hands and put on gloves sterilize the patient s genital area with disinfectant soaked cotton swabs to decrease the likelihood of infection. The caregiver may put a drape over your genital area to keep them clean. Clean the area using one swipe per swab.

By inserting a foley catheter you are gaining access to the bladder and its contents. The caregiver will then clean the area around your urethra. You will lie on your back with legs spread and knees bent.

Foley catheter insertion is challenging in in many different ways. Thus enabling you to drain bladder contents decompress the bladder obtain a specimen and introduce a passage into the gu tract. The caregiver will put lubricant jelly on the catheter to help it go in smoothly.

Holding the catheter loosely insert it into the urethral opening of a female patient. Insert the catheter slowly. Do not pre inflate the balloon prior to insertion.

This medical how to video is intended for medical students and professionals.

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