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The five stages of freud s psychosexual theory of development include the oral anal phallic latency and genital stages. This essay discusses the stages of human development and human development theories.

Theories Of Human Development Boundless Psychology

The theory differs from many others in that it addresses development across the entire lifespan from birth through death.

Stage theories of human development. The theory of psychosocial development created by erik erikson is one of the best known personality theories. If we lack proper nurturing and parenting during a stage we may become stuck in or fixated on that stage. Stage theories can be contrasted with continuous theories which posit that development is an incremental process.

According to his theory each stage of psychosexual development must be met successfully for proper development. There are eight stages of human development. When the conflict is resolved successfully the person is able to develop the psychosocial quality associated with that particular stage of development.

Page needed humans create meaning from experience a cognitive process. Consequently the main phases are infancy childhood adolescence and adulthood. Human development refers to the physical cognitive and psychosocial development of humans throughout the lifespan.

At each stage the individual deals with a conflict that serves as a turning point in development. Meaning is not given to us but by us these cognitive structures form into a stage of development cognitive stages form a hierarchical and invariant.

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