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His theory described how personality developed over the course of childhood. Aka sigismund schlomo freud.

Psychosexual Stages Simply Psychology

Sigmund freud was a viennese physician who developed his psychosexual theory of development through his work with emotionally troubled adults.

Sigmund freud human development. It consists of five separate phases. Sigmund freud 1856 1939 was a viennese doctor who came to believe that the way parents dealt with children s basic sexual and aggressive desires would determine how their personalities developed and whether or not they would end up well adjusted as adults. Freud described children as going through multiple stages of sexual development which he labeled oral anal phallic latency and genital.

The concept of psychosexual development as envisioned by sigmund freud at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century is a central element in the theory of psychology. Now considered controversial and largely outdated his theory is based on the idea that parents play a crucial role in managing their children s sexual and aggressive drives during the first few years of life in order to foster their proper development. What makes these stages controversial is that each stage is according to freud associated with sexual pleasure.

According to the famous psychoanalyst sigmund freud children go through a series of psychosexual stages that lead to the development of the adult personality. Oral anal phallic latency and genital. Oral anal phallic latent and genital.

Sigmund freud divided personality development into five stages.

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