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Inform your doctor if any of the above side effects lasts for more than a few days or if they become serious or bothersome. Like alcohol the drugs work by augmenting the function of the brain chemical messenger gaba.

History Of Benzodiazepines 3rd Maine Benzodiazepine Conference October 2005 C C Heather Ashton Dm Frcp Psychiatric Medication Awareness Group Pmag

Motor control and coordination problems.

Side effects of benzodiazepine. People may also report side effects such as. But like any psychiatric medication benzodiazepines have side effects. Impaired coordination increasing the risk of falls and accidents.

Benzodiazepines including alprazolam xanax temazepam nocturne diazepam valium and lorazepam ativan treat symptoms associated with anxiety and seizure disorders. Side effects of benzodiazepines. Jaundice yellow skin breast development in men.

Serious side effects include. Commonly reported side effects of diazepam include. The side effects of benzodiazepine use may include.

Incontinence loss of bladder control difficulty urinating. In higher doses or when combined with other depressants benzodiazepines can be extremely dangerous. When used as prescribed benzodiazepines can cause minor side effects such as drowsiness and impaired muscle coordination.

Sight problems such as double vision tremors shaking changes in sexual desire. See below for a comprehensive list of adverse effects. Common side effects include.

Common side effects of benzodiazepines include drowsiness dizziness and fatigue. Common side effects of benzodiazepines drowsiness sleepiness or dizziness are the most commonly reported side effects with this drug class. When they re used in high doses or taken with other drugs benzos can cause severe side effects.

The short term side effects include. Driving or operating machinery or perform other hazardous tasks can be dangerous while using these drugs. Increase or decrease in appetite.

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