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After each answer immediate feedback and coaching is available. One present for each qrs pr interval.

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Cardiac rhythms strips and drills.

Rhythm strips for dummies. Users are challenged to identify each type of arrhythmia based upon the cardiac rhythm strip. Cardiac rhythm strip exercises provide interactive learning reinforcement. Pr interval measure from beginning of p to beginning of qrs 0 16 5.

Qrs measure from start of q to end of s 0 08. Hr of boxes between r s 19 spaces 79bpm 2. 20 qrs width 08 interpretation.

Rhythm etiology criteria overview unique criteria sample strips sinus bradycardia damage sa normal sleep athletes vagal glaucoma hypothermia inferior mi drugs ms digoxin inderal iicp rhy regular r below 60 p upright pri 0 12 0 20 qrs 0 04 0 10 rate below 60 pvc pvd premature ventricular. Interpreting ekg rhythm strips practice strip 1. A basic outline of how to read a rhythm strip in 5 min.

Normal sinus rhythm 1st degree av block. P waves p wave for every qrs. Rhythm regular or irregular regular r r s are equal 3.

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