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Sometimes it s easier to read printouts by looking at them sideways. Find the toco or uterine contraction tracing in the bottom half of the strip.

Basic Pattern Recognition Electronic Fetal Monitoring

Labor puts stress on both you and the baby.

Reading fetal monitoring strips. A rate of 100 119 bpm in the absence of other non reassuring patterns is not usually a sign of compromise 4 etiologies. A device attached to. Tracings of the normal fetal heart rate are between 120 and 160.

Find the baseline fetal heart rate in the top of the fetal monitor strip. Bradycardia is 10 minutes 110 not periodic changes usually hypoxia. They must increase their monitoring and awareness of the monitoring as features of the strip give rise to concern whether oxygen is getting to the fetus.

External monitoring is performed using a hand held doppler ultrasound probe to. When you re looking at the screen the fetal heart rate is usually on the top and the contractions at the bottom. The doctors and nurses must continuously monitor fetal heart rate and contractions via the fetal monitoring strips.

The baseline will be stable with a ten beat variability for instance 120 to 130 or 134 to 144. Monitoring the fetal heart rate auscultation of the fetal heart rate fhr is performed by external or internal means. Read rate betweeen contractions.

Monitoring can be done through several techniques. External monitoring electronic fetal heart monitoring uses either two belts or a wide elastic band placed around the abdomen. Fetal heart monitoring provides a way to make sure that the baby is handling the stress.

Heart block little or no variability occiput posterior or transverse position serious fetal compromise. Tachycardia is 10 minutes 160 not periodic changes may be hypoxia but usually maternal fever infection. Developed to assist clinicians in applying the nichd terminology to actual fhr tracings the ruler is designed as a visual aid to determine baseline ratebase.

When the machine prints out graph paper you ll see the fetal heart rate to the left and the contractions to the right. Bradycardia mean fhr 110 bpm. In some cases a category 2 fetal heart tracing may show signs of persisting despite medical treatment or progressing to a category 3 fetal heart tracing.

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