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Your sutures will be removed in approximately 10 to 14 days. Removes the breast tissue armpit lymph nodes and part of the chest muscles.

Pre And Post Of Care For Mastectomy

Be sure that the person taking care of the drain washes their hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Radical mastectomy post op care. Removes the tumour and the affected area around it. After the drains are inserted your surgeon will stitch the incision closed. Also have nothing to eat or drink 7 8 hours prior to surgery.

The surgery site will then be covered by a bandage that wraps closely around your chest. Call the breast care center if you do not have or remember your appointment. Your dressing will be changed or removed at your post operative visit.

When to contact us. You may take a shower and begin jp drain site care 48 hours after surgery. You ll be moved to the recovery room after mastectomy surgery where staff will monitor your heart rate body temperature and blood pressure.

Have a soft bra with padding or a soft camisole to wear when you are discharged from the hospital. Pre operative nursing care for mastectomy. Once you know which surgery your patient will be having you can go ahead and start the nursing process.

Mastectomy pre and post operative suggestions be prepared going into surgery you will be instructed to avoid aspirin or blood thinners for approximately 7 days prior to surgery. How to care for the jp drain site caring for the surgical wound incision. Place a ribbon cloth belt or similar item around your waist to secure the drain while taking a shower.

Follow up appointments are generally made before surgery with your physician and a nurse.

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