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Physicians and anatomists divide the human abdomen into four different regions or quadrants. Let s take a look at each abdominal quadrant in more detail.

Abdominal Quadrants And Its Contents Abdominal Organs By Region Medicostuff

The division into four quadrants allows the localisation of painand tenderness scars lumps and other items of interest narrowing in on which organsand tissuesmay be involved.

Quadrants of stomach. Left upper quadrant here you will find various parts of the colon the bottom portion and splenic flexure as well as the adrenal gland and also the kidney left portion and you will also find the spleen and stomach pancreas and also a part of the liver left portion. Within this quadrant you ll find the right portion of the. These two planes intersect each other at an umbilicus separating the four quadrants and giving them a distinct appearance.

The three regions are following. The diagram below shows the four quadrants of the abdomen. First visualize an imaginary line make a cross using the belly button as the landmark this divides the abdomen into four quadrants.

The human abdomenis divided into quadrants and regions by anatomistsand physiciansfor the purposes of study diagnosis and treatment. It s the center of gravity and the source of real power. The four division are chartered out by a vertical line called media plane linea alba that splits the abdomen in vertical half and the transumbilical plane divides it into horizontal half.

If we divide abdomen into regions then in nine quadrants of abdomen there will be three regions in abdomen and these will be upper region central region and lower or bottom region and each region will contain 3 quadrants of abdomen. Right upper quadrant ruq. The left lower quadrant the right lower quadrant the left upper quadrant and the right upper quadrant.

My strength comes from my abdomen. Each abdominal quadrant contains different organs and has different medical conditions associated with it. The four abdominal quadrants.

What are the four abdominal quadrants. Abdominal quadrants and organs the right upper quadrant or the ruq contains very significant organs or at least portions of them. The transverse plane others call it a transumbilical plane divides the lower and upper quadrants.

Top region of abdomen. The four abdominal quadrants first let s take a look at the four quadrants which are created by an intersecting horizontal transverse plane also called the transumbilical plane and a median midsagittal plane.

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