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The same way pump power in horsepower formula can be written as pump power p hp q m3 hr x ρ kg m3 x g m2 s x h m x p pa 2685600. Common pump formula product viscosity where.

Centrifugal Pump Peformance Calculation Formulas Pump Variable Speed Energy Efficiency Formulas Calculations Centrifugal Pumps Energy Savings Calculate Energy Savings For Variable Speed Pump Motors

η efficiency of the pump between 0 to 100 formula 2.

Pump calculation formulas. Water horsepower whp flow rate or discharge q conversions. P in kw here. H total developed head in meters density in kg m 3.

Calculate the volumetric flow rate of water in the pipe. Q flow rate in m 3 sec. Pump equations formulas calculator fluid mechanics and hydraulics.

The theoretical pump power can be calculated as ph kw 1 m3 h 1000 kg m3 9 81 m s2 10 m 3 6 106 0 027 kw. 1 poise 100 cp 1 stoke 100 cst flow velocity v fluid velocity m s where. Water horsepower whp 0 0.

M ρ x v replacing with the appropriate terms allows the calculation of direct mass flow rate. Q π r v q π x 0 16 ft x 14 ft s 1 22 ft s 5. Equation for water at 68 fahrenheit.

The mass flow rate is related to the volumetric flow rate as shown in equation below. P in watt here. Usually temperature correction for water is negligible.

Q capacity m3 s. 2 kinematic viscosity mm s absolute viscosity mpas fluid density kg m3 or where. Pump input power p.

Displaystyle frac 0 18 0 5 a 0 36 hp motor. Hence the pump power calculation formula can be written as below pump power p kw q m3 hr x ρ kg m3 x g m2 s x h m x p pa 3600000. 1 m3 h of water is pumped a head of 10 m.

M ρ x a x v example 7. Q flow rate in m 3 hr. To do 0 18 horsepower of work a pump with a 50 or 0 5 efficiency rating would actually require.

G gravitational constant 9 81 m sec 2. Divide the water horsepower by this value to find the actual horsepower of the motor you need for your pump. Solving for total head.

Pump input power calculation formula or pump shaft power calculation formula. Kinematic viscosity cst absolute viscosity cp sg specific gravity or where.

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