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Assess the range of motion. Paediatric physical assessment basic physical assessment ongoing patient assessments are critical to providing safe care and are an essential part of nursing practice.

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To formulate an individual care plan.

Paediatric physical assessment. And to correct misinformation the family may have. Expert advice for the paediatric test uses the quiet to active approach to the evaluation and appraisal of babies including preterm infants and young children. This appraisal model which allows for an ear to take a look at the child and for a hand to reach out yields the best defined accurate outcomes in this child category.

Observe the child s ability to control the head and the range of motion. Major concepts in pediatric physical assessment children are not little adults understanding differences from adults is important differences relate to both growth and development patterns differences exist in motor skills and coordination and in physiologic psychosocial behavioral temperamental language and cognition areas. Pediatric physical assessment history obtaining a history a history of the child is obtained to establish a relationship with the child and family.

In the infant the nurse gently moves the head to observe for any stiffness in the neck. To see full range of motion ask the older child to move her or his head in all directions. To assess what a family understands about the child s health.

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