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Your result depends on how much fluid and sodium or salt you take in. Urine sodium is a measurement of the concentration of sodium in the urine.

Pdf The Effect Of Long Term Use Of Glibenclamide On Serum And Urinary Sodium And Potassium Level In Type 2 Dm Patients

Children 6 to 10 years.

Urine sodium normal level. The result must therefore be interpreted in the context of the degree of urine concentration present. What is a normal urine sodium level. Different laboratories may have different maximum and minimum values.

Donald colantino answered 60 years experience internal medicine urine sodium. High sodium in urine. The urine sodium is expressed as a concentration such as millimoles per liter.

Female 20 to 69 meq l per 24 hours. A normal value for the 24 hour test depends on your dietary intake of salt and water. Urine sodium level was 47meq l one sample yet sodium in blood serum was in normal range.

Your urine sodium is within normal limits 40 220. Normal urine sodium levels is 40 220 meq l per 24 hours 40 to 220 mmol 24 hours 2. Female 48 to 168 meq l per 24 hours.

For the 24 hour urine test the norm ranges from 40 to 220 meq l per day. Alternatively the urine sodium can be standardized to the excretion of creatinine using. Male 63 to 177 meq l per 24 hours.

A urinary sodium of 20mmol l in a dehydrated patient is consistentwith functional renal tubules which will respond to rehydration whilst a urinary sodium of 20mmol l typically 50mmol l in conjunction with a low normal urea and or urate is indicative of siadh. The wide range reflects your dietary salt. Should i be concerned with the high urine sodium.

Male 41 to 115 meq l per 24 hours. Children 10 to 14 years. It is also used to monitor compliance with a low salt diet in hypertensive patients.

Normal value ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories. For a one time urine sample the normal urine sodium value is around 20 meq l. For adults normal urine sodium values are generally 20 meq l in a random urine sample and 40 to 220 meq per day.

The examples above are common measurements for results of these tests.

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