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Extreme loss of body fluids due to burns. An electrolyte imbalance is a condition in which the electrolyte level in your blood is too high or too low than the normal levels.

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Disturbances in electrolytes can have a harmful effect on your health and can.

Normal electrolytes levels. As well as checking levels of electrolytes in the blood an electrolyte panel a group of specific blood tests can also be used to find out whether there s an acid base imbalance a normal arterial blood ph range is 7 35 to 7 45. The normal serum value for magnesium is 1 5 to 2 5 meq l. 1 5 to 2 5 meq l 1 wand 5 hand to 2 tutu 5 hand.

Hyponatremia has neurological manifestations. This electrolyte is important in cellular function and affects cardiovascular function dreaming muscle contraction and insulin regulation. This imbalance can be caused due to several reasons.

Loss of water from your body. It is diagnosed when the serum sodium level less than 135 mmol l. Sodium or na is one of the most important electrolytes in the body and is responsible for a number of important functions mostly related to fluid and water regulation.

In some circumstances electrolyte levels in your blood can become too high or low causing an imbalance 11 12 13. Electrolyte levels are useful in detecting kidney heart and liver disease and the effects of certain medications such as diuretics or some heart pills. The normal accepted range for sodiumis 134 to 145 meq l.

Hyponatraemiais considered to be a serum sodium below 134 meq l. Among the electrolyte disorders hyponatremia is the most frequent. Patients may present with headache confusion nausea deliriums.

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