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Values below this range are considered low also known as hypochloremia and values above it considered high hyperchloremia. A diagnostic test may use a chloridometer to determine the serum chloride level.

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Chloride levels always 108 what can that mean imma adult female.

Normal chloride levels in adults. A 21 year old female asked. It maintains cellular integrity via its effects on osmotic pressure and water balance in addition to maintaining acid base. What does low chloride in blood mean.

The normal blood reference range of chloride for adults in most labs is 96 to 106 milliequivalents meq per liter. Chloride is the predominant anion that exists in the extracellular space. Please have your doctor go over these tests to make the best recommendations.

Normal ranges are usually shown next to results in the lab report. The normal chloride levels are between 98 and 106 meq l. Normal chloride levels in children and adults are 95 105 meq.

I trust you do not have renal tubular acidosis or hyperparathyroidism. Chloride is an important electrolyte that is responsible for maintaining the acid base ph balance in your body regulating fluids and transmitting nerve impulses. Chloride level 93 and normal range is 97 108.

A chloride level that s above normal means there s too much chloride in your. It is worth noting that the results may vary in some labs as they may be using a different normal range for your serum chloride levels. 44 years experience pathology.

The normal range for chloride. Without looking at your other electrolytes having a slightly low chloride is non specific. Reference ranges are set so that a few percent of healthy folks fall outside.

It can be measured with a blood test typically as part of an electrolyte or metabolic panel. Some labs may vary in their definition of the normal range. 19 years experience urgent care.

Low chloride levels may mean that you are suffering from a condition called hypoglycemia. The normal range for blood chloride is between 96 and 106 milliequivalents of chloride per liter of blood meq l. Normal chloride levels in adults.

The normal range for chloride in your blood is between 96 and 106 milliequivalents per liter meq l. The normal range may vary slightly from lab to lab. The normal range for chloride is between 98 and 106 milliequivalents per liter meq l.

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