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What is the pearson vue trick pvt. I hope this video was helpful.

Find Out If You Passed Your Nclex With This Trick

At first you ll be hesitant to perform the pvt but if you ve already passed why stress about it.

Nclex result trick. If you did fail you re going to have to start preparing again and this will jump start process. How to do the pvt step 1 submit your nclex and wait for the results to be transmitted to the. The reason this is called a trick is because it is a way to get around paying for the quick results.

For lots of nclex takers waiting for the nclex result is the most stressful part. The pearson vue trick. In actuality there really is nothing tricky about it.

Take our pvt result analysis quiz here. There is one answer. This is a step by step video of the pearson vue trick.

The pearson vue trick still works and yes it will work for both the nclex rn and nclex pn the pearson vue trick is a way to see if you ve passed your nclex without getting your official results. The pearson vue trick enables nclex test takers to try to see if they passed before getting official results. Leave a comment and share the video below if you tried the trick do.

Having to wait a month and a half for the nclex results can be a nerve racking process but by using the pvt you can have results in as little as 48 hours.

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