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A high mpv means that your platelets are larger than the population average and your body may be producing too many platelets. Mpv blood test range normal range the normal value of mean platelet volume is expressed in range.

Mean Platelet Volume Is More Important Than Age For Defining Reference Intervals Of Platelet Counts

There are many possible reasons why the level of mpv is low but usually if it is associated with a low platelet count it could suggest problems in the bone marrow such as aplastic anemia.

Mpv lab values. This may be due to several reason. Laboratory values during pregnancy high blood pressure hypertension preeclampsia. There is a normal range for the values of mean platelet volume as well as platelet count.

Typically the mean platelet volume ranges between 7 2 to 11 7 fl. The number of platelets in a blood samples is also noted during the test. This is roughly equivalent to tiny spheres that range in size from 2 65 to 2 8 micrometer in diameter.

Mpv is particularly important in determining the cause of thrombocytopenia a low platelet count or thrombocytosis a high platelet count and it can be a useful diagnostic tool even if your platelet count is normal. The normal range is between 7 2 fl and 11 8 fl in adults. 6 4 to 11 µm3 or 6 4 to 11 fl.

While closely related it s different from your platelet count and you can have a combination of a high mpv and a low platelet count or. The normal mpv level ranges between 7 5 fl and 12 0 fl. Since the average platelet size is larger when the body is producing increased numbers of platelets the mpv test results can be used to make inferences about platelet production in bone marrow or platelet destruction problems.

However reading in between 9 7 fl and 12 8 fl is considered safe too. An mpv test measures the average size of your platelets. Mean platelet volume mpv is a measure of the average size of your platelets a type of blood cell that helps prevent bleeding.

Any value of the mean platelet volume outside this range is indicative of an underlying clinical process. Mpv blood test uses a machine to measure and calculate the average size by volume of the platelets. The normal range varies depending on the laboratory techniques and machines used.

The mean platelet volume is nothing more than a measurement of the average platelet size. In a recent study brit j haematol 2005 128 698 702 mpv was shown to be one of the laboratory values that may assist in elucidating the cause of thrombocytopenia. What causes low mpv levels in blood.

Mean platelet volume mpv is a machine calculated measurement of the average size of platelets found in blood and is typically included in blood tests as part of the cbc. This parameter was significantly higher in patients with immune thrombocytopenic purpura peripheral platelet destruction than in aplastic anemia decreased platelet production. Mpv is usually interpreted with platelet count or the number of platelets in a given volume of blood.

Bone marrow releases platelets and a high mpv means the marrow is producing platelets too quickly. High mpv is associated with cancer but keep in mind this isn t a diagnosis.

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