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35 years experience pediatrics. Women who are pregnant may also have high mpv levels from preeclampsia which is a complication that arises around the 20th week of pregnancy and causes high blood pressure.

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This is a rare disorder in which the bone marrow produces too many of all the blood cells including platelets 1.

Mpv blood test high. Causes of mpv blood test high results. However if your mpv is high and your platelet count is low it could indicate a possible bone marrow disorder rapidly producing platelets leading to the destruction of the older platelets. Result interpretation of mpv blood test the average or normal value of mpv in humans remains at about 7 5 to 12 fl.

Am i susceptible to hiv. High mpv is associated with cancer but keep in mind this isn t a diagnosis. Bone marrow releases platelets and a high mpv means the marrow is producing platelets too quickly.

It can also cause two other conditions myelofibrosis and acute myelogenous leukemia. If your results show a higher than normal mpv that means that your platelets are larger than normal. I ve blood test indicate high esr 70 110 high mchc 36 2 low rdw 30 8 high mpv 12 3 low pct 32 w other test normal.

Mpv blood test high if the mean platelet volume is high it means that your platelet is higher than the average which means that you are producing too many platelets. High mpv has also been correlated with polycythemia vera a diseases in which the bone marrow makes excessively high amount of blood cells including platelets. The average platelet size tends to be larger when there is increased.

Platelet plays a huge role in the blood coagulation process. What does it mean when your mpv is high. In the case of acute ischemic cardiovascular event the level of platelet is also checked.

High mpv readings can result from heart disease diabetes myeloproliferative disease a type of cancer and thrombocytopenia. This is a sign that something is causing your bone marrow to produce more platelets than needed since the new platelets then to be larger than the older ones. This may be due to several reason.

High mpv values but low platelet count may suggest that the bone marrow is making platelets and passing them into the bloodstream at a faster rate. If the level of platelet is high it could indicate that you are suffering from acute myocardial infarction. A 35 year old female asked.

Polycythemia vera increases the risk of blood clots forming that can cause strokes and heart attacks. Obesity chronic conditions like diabetes and unhealthy habits like smoking can also lead to high mpv values. Abnormally high or low values might indicate different forms of diseases or disorders present in the body of the particular individual.

A high mpv means that your platelets are larger than the population average and your body may be producing too many platelets. As with other blood tests certain factors. What does high mpv blood test mean.

Depending on your other cbc results high mpv levels can be an indicator of several conditions such as.

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