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The map starts with the definition of depression which is a mood disorders that affects patient s cognition behaviour and physical functioning. Deficiency in neurotransmitters or alteration in synapses that use neurotransmitters in brain.

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Chapter 11 concept map the great depression and the new deal the great depression 1929 1940 start of the great depression ny stock market crashes oct 29 1929 causes of the great depression 1.

Depression concept map. So in this lesson we will take a look at the components of a concept map including contributing factors medications lab work and the significance patient education and associated nursing diagnoses with interventions and evaluations. Terms in this set 5 depression patho. Major depressive disorder major depression unipolar depression.

View depression concept map 1 pdf from nursing 325 at indiana university northwest. Lets take a look at a concept map for depression. Place patient in safe environement with a sitter pt will not harm self help patient create goals pt will set.

Overproduction of consumer goods 2. Speculation in stock market and real estate 3. Depression is classified according to symptoms and course of the disease into.

Depression depression in on a continuum mild grieving loss signs and symptoms moderate severe. View homework help depression concept map from biology psy 240 at rio salado community college.

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