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16 hr x 60 min 960 min. In math class we re taught how to compute different metric conversions with the help of measurement charts.

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You ll see that in both cases days and hours both are larger than minutes.

Measurement chart for math. Oct 27 2019 explore er ketan patel s board metric measurement chart on pinterest. 6 d x 24 hr 144 hr. 144 hr x 60 min 8640 min.

Measurement of length and distance is a common feature of word problems and converting distance measurements between metric and customary units is another regular feature of 4th and 5th grade homework. 8640 min 960 min 34 min 9634 min. With this you re probably familiar with the measurement chart s content.

Length and distance measurement chart features. Sometimes we re even forced to familiarize each measurement conversion for exams. This measurement chart lists feet meters yards kilometers and miles all in one progression and gives the conversions between each.

A great reference for conversion word problems. This measurement chart shows how to scale and convert common measurements between metric and customary units. By showing both measurement systems on the same scale with conversion factors students can see readily how the two systems relate and be able to convert between measurement systems easily.

See more ideas about math methods metric conversion chart measurement conversions. Here are your conversions. Thus for each conversion you will use multiplication as you re going from larger to smaller.

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