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The normal reference range for mcv is between 78 98 fl. 2 low mcv levels of below 80 fl are classed as microcytic anemia.

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Mcv normal range average level the typical mcv blood test range is measured in femtoliter and has a range of 80 100 fl.

Mcv levels in blood. High mcv causes this is a condition where the number of red blood cells are more than they should be due to the red blood cell being larger in size. What does high rdw mean. It makes part of the cbc blood test which measures the number and the different cells found in one s blood the normal range of mean corpuscular volume lies between 80 to 100.

Mean corpuscular volume also referred to as mcv is measured by taking a patient s blood. The normal range for mcv is usually considered as 80 95 fl per red blood cell in adults. There are several possible causes of a high or low mcv but the mcv should always be interpreted along with other blood cell indices when looking for the cause of anemia.

Increased levels mean the red blood cells are bigger than normal. Balentine on medicinenet the average mcv levels for an adult is between 80 and 100 fl. Mcv levels measure the size of the red blood cells in the body.

Reference range a normal mcv is 80 to 96 femtoliters per cell. This means that if your results are within or very close to 78 98 then you should be doing just fine but be sure to check your specific result papers closely since some tests might conclude a slightly different normal range. When too much red blood cells are generated they are more prone to break on the tiny capillaries and might cause serious damage.

High mcv levels of more than 100 fl in an adult are referred to as macrocytic anemia.

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