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The mean corpuscular volume or mean cell volume is a measure of the average volume of a red blood corpuscle. If they re bigger than normal your mcv score goes up.

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It is the size measurement of the average rbc red blood cell.

Mcv blood count. The mcv is a value that describes the average size of red blood cells erythrocytes in a blood sample. That could indicate low vitamin b12 or folate levels. The mcv blood test shows the average size of your red blood cells.

A decreased mcv is microcytic. The typical mcv blood test range is measured in femtoliter and has a range of 80 100 fl. The mean corpuscular volume is a part of a standard complete blood count.

The mean corpuscular volume mcv is the average size of your red blood cells. Mean corpuscular volume mcv also known as mean cell volume is an important number listed on a complete blood count cbc that can help diagnose different types of anemia as well as other health conditions. Red blood cells rbcs play an important function in transporting oxygen and nutrients to tissue.

An mcv blood test is often part of a complete blood count cbc a routine screening test that measures many different components of your blood including red cells. Mcv blood test is part of rbc indices red blood cell indices and checks the mean corpuscular volume of your blood cells to help doctors check the health of your blood. The following table shows the normal range of mcv count.

Macrocytic is enlarged rbcs. Blood tests are routine and used during physicals and diagnosing certain conditions. Testing the mcv count is part of a complete blood count or cbc 2.

It may also be used to diagnose or monitor certain blood disorders. In patients with anemia it is the mcv measurement that allows classification as either a microcytic anemia normocytic anemia or macrocytic. Mcv stands for mean corpuscular volume.

The measure is attained by multiplying a volume of blood by the proportion of blood that is cellular and dividing that product by the number of erythrocytes in that volume.

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