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To diagnose metabolic acidosis the following tests can be done so that the exact treatment strategy can be figured out. Abnormal lab values there is no way you can finish nursing school without memorizing by heart the normal abg arterial blood gas values.

Normal Blood Gas Values Download Table

Paco2 pao2 ph pao2 and paco2 must be corrected for temperature variations from the 37 degrees of the analyzer.

Lab values for metabolic acidosis. Ph may be markedly low or slightly subnormal. Tests to diagnose metabolic acidosis include. Remember the respiratory system is causing hyperventilation.

35 or normal may be normal but if it is decreased this is the body s way of trying to compensate. Normal lab values vs. An anion gap test measures the chemical balance in your blood.

Metabolic acidoses are categorized as high or normal anion gap based on the presence or absence of unmeasured anions in serum. Metabolic acidosis lab values co2 mar 29 2018 interpretation of arterial blood gases values measured directly. Calculate anion and osmolar gaps to further aid in differential.

Metabolic panel na k cl hco3 and arterial blood gases expect decreased bicarbonate level on both tests along with acidosis on arterial blood gases. It compares the numbers of positively and negatively charged particles including sodium. Metabolic acidosis is primary reduction in bicarbonate hco 3 typically with compensatory reduction in carbon dioxide partial pressure p co2.

If there is more acid in the blood then the ph will be less than 7 0. To refresh your memory here are the normal lab values followed by the abg values during metabolic acidosis and metabolic alkalosis. Patient with initial laboratory results that indicate the presence of acidosis.

This is a test which measures the ph scale of the blood along with the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Lab values expected in metabolic acidosis. Primary acid base disorders metabolic acidosis loss of hco3 0r addition of h metabolic alkalosis loss of h or addition of hco3 respiratory acidosis increase in pco2 respiratory alkalosis decrease in pco2 recquired lab values information arterial blood gases.

Ph paco2 pao2 sat co bun glucose creatinine fio2 and clinical history. Arterial blood gas 3.

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