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Measurements in science use metric units. The metric system was developed in france in 1791 so that scientists had a common unit for research comparisons.

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Units glucose mg dl 0 05551 mmol l hgb a1c 0 01 bun mg dl 0 357 mmol l creatinine mg dl 88 4 µmol dl sodium meq l 1 mmol l potassium meq l 1 mmol l chloride meq l 1 mmol l co 2 meq l 1 mmol l.

Lab unit conversion table. Use the following information to convert conventional units of measure to si units when you review laboratory test results. The site also includes a predictive tool that suggests possible conversions based on input allowing for easier navigation while learning more about various unit systems. Units or si units to conventional.

The conversion factor cf is used as follows. The basic units of these measurements for the metric system are listed in the chart below. Si unit conversion table.

Quick free online unit converter that converts common units of measurement along with 77 other converters covering an assortment of units. In 1960 the metric system became the basis for the international system of units si units. Conventional and si unit converter for common lab values globalrph laboratory unit conversion from conventional to s i.

Conventional unit cf si unit. Conventional to si multiply by si units. Laboratory units conversion table test conventional units conversion factor si units reference range conventional units reference range si units adrenocorticotropic hormone acth pg ml 0 22 pmol l 120 26 alanine aminotransferase alt u l 0 0167 µkat l 10 40 0 17 0 68 albumin g dl 10 g l 3 5 5 0 35 50.

Convert hemoglobin hgb level to g l g dl g 100ml g mg ml. Conversion chart for converting standard us units into standard international units test us units conversion factor æ multiply å divide s i. Parts of the world use one system and other parts use the other system.

Si unit cf conventional unit. Walk ins are also welcome. Clinical laboratory units online conversion from conventional or traditional units to si units.

Si unit conversion table. Si units conversion calculator. Conversion tables units of measure conversion table percent parts per million parts per billion parts per trillion 001 10 ppm 0001 1 ppm 1 000 ppb 1 000 000 ppt.

International system of units si conversion. Si to conventional multiply by na not applicable. Appointments must be made at least two hours in advance.

Table of conversion factors for hemoglobin hgb unit conversion to g l g dl g 100ml g mg ml. Au arbitrary unit. You can find metric conversion tables for si units as well as imperial and conventional usa units and other data.

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