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The l1 vertebra is the topmost section of the lumbar spinal column. Injuries to the l1 spine can affect hip flexion cause paraplegia loss of bowel bladder control and or numbness in the legs.

Spinal Cord Injury What You Need To Know

Depending on strength in the legs may need a wheelchair and may also walk with braces.

L1 spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injuries may result from damage to the vertebrae ligaments or disks of the spinal column or to the spinal cord itself. What is the l1 vertebra. What are the symptoms of an l1 injury.

There are approximately 12 000 new cases of spinal cord injury each year in the united states. They are most common in white males. Lumbar nerves l1 l5 injuries generally result in some loss of function in the hips and legs.

General effects of injury to lumbar nerves l 1 l 5 injuries generally result in some loss of function in the hips and legs. The spinal cord is situated within the spine. What is the l2 vertebra.

The spinal cord ends around the l1 or l2 vertebrae in adults forming the conus medullairs. This section of the spine contains a portion of the spinal cord. A spinal cord injury occurs when there is damage to the spinal cord either from trauma loss of its normal blood supply or compression from tumor or infection.

The horsetail shaped area which extends past the conus medullairs is the cauda equina. Lumbar spinal cord injury symptoms. People with injuries to the lumbar spinal cord have little or no voluntary control of their bowel or bladder but can manage on their own with special equipment.

A traumatic spinal cord injury may stem from a sudden traumatic blow to your spine that fractures dislocates crushes or compresses one or more of your vertebrae. Medical conditions such as degeneration due to age and osteoporosis may also cause injury to this area. The lumbar spine is situated in the lower part of the back under the thoracic and cervical regions of our spine.

The spine consists of a series of vertebral segments. Injuries to the lumbar spine are severe but not life threatening. Early treatment is important to the prognosis of lumbar spinal cord damage.

One of the common injuries in the spinal cord is the lumbar spinal cord injury. Learn more about lumbar spinal cord injuries. Little or no voluntary control of bowel or bladder but can manage on their own with special equipment.

It is composed of 5 vertebrae called l1 to l5. The most common incidents resulting in lumbar spinal cord injuries include automobile accidents falls or trauma due to violent acts. The spinal cord itself has neurological segmental levels which are defined by the spinal roots that enter and exist the spinal column between each of the vertebral segments.

In rarer cases lumbar spinal cord injuries could be caused by birth defects.

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