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Follow these four steps to easily calculate your patient s accurate drug dosage. Calculate the amount of medication the doctor has ordered for one day or 24 hours.

How To Calculate Drug Doses And Infusion Rates Accurately Nursing Times

250 mg x 3 750 mg therefore the doctor has ordered 750 mg of medication per day.

Iv medication calculation. Identify average flow rates for adults who are npo and the general rationale for variations. 5 calculations used in intravenous preparations learning objectives 1. Since the drops per ml is 20 and there are 60 minutes in an hour you ll calculate an answer in drops per ml by multiplying the fluid per hour by 20 60 1 3.

Identify contents of commonly ordered iv fluids. Calculate the volume of an injectable solution and the quantity of drug in an injectable solution. So one third of your ml per hour 150ml should be your answer i e.

Iv infusion rate cc hr dose mcg kg min x weight kg x 60 min hr concentration mg cc x 1000 mcg mg disclaimer. Calculate intravenous medications from a powder injectable. Depending on units selected the general composition for the formula is as follows.

It is very important to never confuse the two. Every dose is 250 mg. Calculate powder volume for an injectable medication.

Know the patient s weight in kg if your calculation is weight based. Drops per minute can be adjusted on the device. Find out what s in your i v.

Iv drip rate ml hour 60min hr desired dose in mcg kg min weight in kg bag. Iv infusion sets are pre calibrated to how many drops per ml gtt ml of a solution they administer to the patient. 24 hr 8 hr 3 the doctor has ordered the medication to be given 3 times per day.

Remember drip rate is calculated in drops per minute. Determine in which units your drug is measured units hour mg hour or mcg kg minute. All calculations must be confirmed before use.

9 basic intravenous calculations objectives interpret basic intravenous iv solution orders for peripheral infusion. This is not to be confused with drops per minute gtt min. Bottle drug concentration or number of ml of fluid.

Calculate intravenous flow rates for intravenous solutions. Estimate calculate and verify flow rates for intermittent and continuous iv solutions on gravity and electronic devices.

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