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It is an isotonic crystalloid that contains 0 9 sodium chloride salt that is dissolved in sterile water. The cell loves to be in an isotonic state and when something happens to make it unequal like with hypotonic or hypertonic conditions it will use osmosis to try to equal it out.

Fluid Therapy Chapter 32 Managing The Critically Ill Child

0 9 normal saline ns 0 9nacl or nss is one of the most common iv fluids it is administered for most hydration needs.

Iv fluid tonicity. For example if your patient is dehydrated their blood is hypertonic. Common intravenous therapy solutions tonicity and examples of clinical use iv fluid therapy types indications doses calculation cheat sheet isotonic hypotonic hypertonic iv fluid solution. You want to give your patients a solution that has the tonicity that is opposite their problem most of the time.

A hypotonic solution has an osmolarity less than 280 mosm liter and a hypertonic solution has an osmolarity greater than 300 mosm liter. The authors compare the results of infusion of a hypotonic fluid ringer s lactate 270 mosm liter to those of a hypertonic fluid hypertonic sodium lactate 500. D5w is initially an isotonic solution and provides free water when dextrose is metabolized making it a hypotonic solution expanding the ecf and the icf.

The tonicity of an iv fluid dictates whether the solution should be delivered via the peripheral or central venous route. They will need a hypotonic solution to bring their tonicity back within normal ranges. Half normal saline 0 45 ns half normal saline 45 ns has half the tonicity of normal saline.

An investigation into the role of intravenous fluid tonicity in determining intracranial pressure icp after brain injury is described. This means half ns is hypotonic so the iv fluid has a lower osmolarity than the fluid inside the cells. D5w dextrose 5 in water is a crystalloid isotonic iv fluid with a serum osmolality of 252 mosm l.

Each part is made up of a solution and depending on the tonicity of the fluid you can having shifting of fluids from outside of the cell to the inside via osmosis. This means that half normal saline will cause fluid to shift inside the cells causing the cells to swell this can be good in certain situations and very bad in others. Hemorrhage vomiting diarrhea hemorrhage drainage from gi suction metabolic acidosis or shock.

The infusion nurses society ins classifies a solution as isotonic if its tonicity falls within or near the normal range for blood serum between 280 and 300 mosm liter. Hypotonic and hypertonic solutions may be infused in small volumes and into large vessels where dilution and distribution are rapid. It is administered to supply water and to correct an increase in serum osmolality.

Hypertonic hypotonic isotonic iv solutions.

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