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Inspect head and scalp for color hair distribution lesions and hair texture inspect scalp for infestations inspect and palpate skin for texture moisture and temperature pinch skin folds over clavicle to check skin turgor. Integumentary assessments are often done simultaneously with other body systems.

Skin Integrity Ageing Skin And Skin Integrity Assessment Healthtimes

Skin disorders are encountered frequently in nursing practice.

Integumentary system assessment. For more information read this article tips for a better nursing health assessment to help you proceed through an assessment including the skin as you move from head to toe. History and physical assessment of integumentary system by. Dressing supplies as needed.

A general assessment of the skin begins at the initial contact with the patient and continues throughout the examination. Color should be consistent with ethnicity. The procedure for performing an assessment of the integumentary system involves interview questions inspection and palpation.

History and physical assessment of integumentary system 1. Can observe inspect skin while inspecting other aspects of that are. Shiva nanda reddy 2.

Assessment of integumentary system. Assessment of the skin is not a separate assessment but is done throughout the head to toe assessment. Skin related disorders account for up to 10 of all ambulatory patient visits.

Specific areas of the skin are assessed during the examination of other body systems unless the chief complaint is a dermatologic problem. Assessment reasoning integumentary system peter dahlberg 68 years old suggested integumentary nursing assessment skills to be demonstrated.

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