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Total hemoglobin hgb or hb hemoglobin tests are performed as part of a complete cbc test. Know lab values which identify infection in a patient.

Evaluation Of Laboratory Values According To The Patients Age Groups Download Table

Better diagnostic tools are needed to secure antibiotic stewardship.

Infection lab values. The lab values listed below indicates the normal range in a healthy adult for male or female. The results of this examination can help doctors diagnose infection and diseases. Hemoglobin are proteins in red blood cells that transmits oxygen to the body.

C reactive protein crp this is elevated above 50 in serious bacterial infections. Terms in this set 10 wbc count. Procalcitonin a marker of generalised sepsis due to bacterial infection.

While early antimicrobial treatment is of critical importance to patients with severe infections excessive use of antibiotics has caused escalating bacterial resistance. Chapter 24 elevated white blood cell leukocyte count normal value is 5 000 to 10 000 mm3 increase in specific types of white blood cells referred to as a differential or differential count percentage of each cell type neutrophils normal 60 70. Full blood count a bacterial infection often raises the white cell count with neutrophilia.

The diagnostic value of clinical and laboratory variables in predicting infections that require antibiotic treatment was evaluated in a. 5 000 10 000 increased in infection decreased in sepsis and viral infections. Erythrocytes sedimentation rate esr up to 15 men up to 20 women increased in inflammation.

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