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Another important thing to point out is that normal lab value ranges vary depending on the laboratory. Platelets 200 000 450 000 20 000 be very concerned.

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In this section we ll be discussing the normal laboratory values of serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen including their indications and nursing considerations.

Important lab values for nurses. Ca2 serum values may vary depending on total serum protein as a relationship exists between the two. Determining serum calcium levels is important if the patient is suffering from existing nerve and motor dysfunctions. Wbc 5 000 10 000.

Lab values are frequently asked in all exams so it s important to know about the facts related to it 1 sodium is most abundant ecs cation2 pottasium is most. Bicarbonate 22 to 26. Bun 5 20.

Hgb f 12 15 m 14 17. The normal values are 8 7 10 7 mg dl. Hco3 22 26.

Pco2 35 45. The reason for that is every hospital has different values and so it s important that you understand what basic normal ranges are. Renal function studies normal lab values.

Co2 35 to 45. Normal lab value for serum osmolality. Here s the good stuff.

Identify laboratory values for abgs ph po2 pco2 sao2 hco3 bun cholesterol total glucose hematocrit hemoglobin glycosylated hemoglobin hgba1c platelets potassium sodium wbc creatinine pt ptt aptt inr compare client laboratory values to normal laboratory values. Ph 7 35 7 45. Tuberculosis fungal and mycobacterial infections hiv aids hyperparathyroidism metastatic bone tumor paget s disease multiple myeloma osteomalacia sarcoidosis hyperthyroidism.

The following list is a sampling of common lab values generally considered normal. Ca2 is essential in blood coagulation endocrine functions and neuromuscular function such as muscular contraction and nerve excitability. Those are the lab values i want you to know.

For abg you need to know ph co2 and bicarbonate. These laboratory tests are helpful in determining the kidney function of an individual. Normal ph is going to be 7 35 7 45.

280 to 300 mosm kg. 8 5 to 10 9 meq l. They will give you something you will notice like 1 or 3 mg dl.

Key laboratory values for nurses. So don t get confused on if one text says a normal magnesium level is 1 4 2 6 mg dl while another text says a normal magnesium is 1 5 2 5 mg dl. Hct f 36 46 m 42 52.

Creatinine 0 6 1 2.

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