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Place dry dressing and outpatient follow up is arranged for 2 4 weeks. If the internal bumper is non collapsible the peg tube can be removed after endoscopic dissection of the peg tract using a coagulation device such as needle knife or snare.

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About three inches of tubing will protrude from the incision area.

How to remove peg tube. This will leave an orange stain on your skin for the next couple of days. You will be lying on your back with your abdomen exposed. Removal of the peg tube simple involves cutting the wire which created the pigtail or deflating the balloon section of the tube allowing it to slip easily from the stomach.

This is the cut and push method. Because of this piece of plastic it is not possible to remove your tube by pulling it from the outside. The skin around your peg will be cleaned with a betadine solution.

Remove the old peg tube over the wire guide using external traction. The peg tube is cut close to the skin on the outside and the circular piece of plastic the internal flange is pushed into your stomach. Cut the tube to deflate disc or balloon through appropriate port.

In your case it is necessary to use another way to remove the peg. Peg tubes can be removed endoscopically however for some patients this method is not always possible. Push is an alternative way to remove the peg.

Korula and harma1 and a letter by vermula2 suggested that cutting a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy peg tube at the skin level and allowing passage of the remnant internally is a cost effective method of gastrostomy removal without serious complications. The doctor will explain the procedure and have you sign a consent form. Secure the wire guide with an endoscopic snare.

The tube should not be actively used for nutrition supplementation or medication administration prior to removal. Firmly pull the tube completely through the abdominal wall. Insert a wire guide through the existing peg tube.

The peg tube is cut away.

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