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In other words if the tsh is raised but the free t4 is low then this can indicate a primary form of thyroid gland malfunction or primary. The normal range for free t4 is between 0 8 2 8 ng dl.

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Results above or below the normal range indicate.

How to read thyroid lab results. How to interpret your results. It s based on real research and has been shown to be far more accurate than lab testing today it s the same thyroid testing protocol that we use with all of clients and it works. When one considers the thyroid test results as given by the tsh blood test plus the levels obtained in the ft4 thyroid labs this can give a greater sense of where thyroid gland function is at.

Check to see if your t4 reading is in the normal range. Testing thyroid hormone levels is the first step in diagnosing a thyroid disorder and determining the appropriate course of treatment. The ultimate thyroid testing protocol is the first step to getting the answers you need to start testing and overcoming your hypothyroidism.

It is essentially your brain telling your thyroid to get to work. The tsh works by getting the thyroid to grow additional cells. Higher tsh values indicate underactive thyroid hypothyroidism or thyroid tumor.

The top thyroid tests i recommend. On the other hand if your thyroid is overactive your tsh goes lower to help slow things down. A high tsh and low t4 indicates primary hypothyroidism due to a thyroid disease.

How often you should test your thyroid. A low tsh and low t4 suggest secondary hypothyroidism due to a disease of the pituitary gland or hypothalamus of the brain. A low tsh and high t4 generally indicates hyperthyroidism.

The reference values and measurement units vary from lab to lab. T4 is the most commonly measured hormone that is produced directly by the thyroid gland and is subsequently released to circulate throughout the body. This is your thyroid stimulating hormone tsh for short.

The more underactive your thyroid the higher the tsh goes. How to use lab results for medication adjustments.

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