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Identifying which blood test you need is tricky enough and now you have results that seem to be written in a code meant only for doctors and wizards to decipher. Cells per cubic millimeter.

Understanding Your Serum Antibody Blood Test Results Citymd

Your name and health id date the test was completed and printed names of the test s lab and doctor who ordered the test actual test results normal range for results flagged abnormal results and of course lots of.

How to read lab results for blood work. One of the most common blood tests analyzes complete blood count or cbc. Hematocrit results show the volume. Also referred to as blood panel full blood exam or full blood count this test is one of the most common laboratory tests requested by medical professionals to make.

International units per liter. In most cases your test results will be ready a day or two after your bloodwork is drawn. Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen.

How to interpret and understand blood test results. They will likely call or schedule an appointment to review them with you. A complete blood count is a test panel that gives complete information about the kinds and numbers of cells found in the blood.

Know how all blood tests are formatted and presented. Some can be done right in the office or a nearby lab so you may have the results that day or the next. All blood tests including the cbc and other panels and tests must include certain basic elements including.

Its measurement can help your doctor tell if your organs and tissues are getting enough oxygen. A low hemoglobin count suggests anemia though too many rbcs can indicate bone marrow disease. You can obtain a copy from your doctor s office either at a visit or by calling in.

Fraction of one millionth of a liter. 5 common test results decoded. Blood test results generally use the metric system of measurement and various abbreviations including.

Learning how to read your medical laboratory results means you can better understand your symptoms and how your body is functioning. How to read blood test results. Other tests may take days or weeks especially if they have to be sent to a specific kind of.

Your doctor will have the results even if the tests were performed outside of their office.

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