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The measurement depends on the number and size of red blood cells. Because the purpose of red blood cells is.

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Hematocrit definition is the ratio of the volume of red blood cells to the total volume of blood as determined by separation of red blood cells from the plasma usually by centrifugation.

Hematocrit medical definition. Hct lab medicine the ratio of rbcs to total blood volume in a centrifuged sample of blood expressed as a percentage. Mcgraw hill concise dictionary of modern medicine. The red cells are packed by centrifugation.

It is normally 40 7 50 3 for men and 36 1 44 3 for women. It is useful when evaluating a person for anemia. The hematocrit measures how much space in the blood is occupied by red blood cells.

The hematocrit is expressed as a percentage by volume. The hematocrit is expressed as a percentage by volume. 2002 by the mcgraw hill companies inc.

Hematocrit is a blood test that measures how much of a person s blood is made up of red blood cells. See hemoglobin mean corpuscular volume. This measurement depends on the number of and size of the red blood cells.

It is a part of a person s complete blood count results along with hemoglobin concentration white blood cell count and platelet count. The hematocrit hɪˈmætəkrɪt ht or hct also known by several other names is the volume percentage vol of red blood cells rbc in blood measured as part of a blood test. How to use hematocrit in a sentence.

The proportion of the blood that consists of packed red blood cells. A hematocrit is a blood test which indicates what percentage of your whole blood volume is specifically made up of erythrocytes or red blood cells the oxygen carrying component of blood.

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