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A normal person urinates anywhere between 800 and 2 000 ml per day. Some testing facilities will use different test samples or measurements to reach their conclusions.


If it s not within this range there s something wrong.

Healthy urine output. With these expectations and all things being equal then normal urine output should range between 285 7ml and 500ml per hour. A normal range for an adult urinary output is between 400 to 2 000 milliliters of urine daily. Use the patient s age to determine if the urine output is within the normal range.

However normal values can vary in different laboratories. It means your normal urine output per hour should be anywhere between 33 3 and 83 3 ml. For a healthy person the normal urinary output per day is anywhere between 500 to 2000 ml per day assuming that the person s normal intake of fluids is around 2 liters.

What is normal urine output per hour. This normal range tends to vary depending on the fluid intake and an increase or decrease of 1 2 can be considered as normal. Check our table with the values of urine output characteristic for a healthy person and someone with poly oliguria.

Normal urination is 800 2000 mm each day if you take in around 2 liters of fluid throughout the day. This is also in consideration with a normal fluid intake of about 2 liters per day. Our patient s over 18 years old his urine output is 1 56 ml kg hr which is within the normal range.

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