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These electrolytes can have an imbalance leading to either high or low levels. Potassium sodium and calcium are electrolytes or salts that help conduct electric current in the body.

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Promoting nerve and muscle function.

Functions of electrolytes. Assists in neuromuscular and cardiac contraction and maintenance of acid base balance. Electrolytes are absolutely essential for the efficient functioning of our bodies. Assists in nerve and muscle fiber conduction acid base balance and potassium and chlorine regulation.

Many automatic processes in the body rely on a small electric current to function and electrolytes provide this charge. Electrolytes are present in the human body and the balance of the electrolytes in our bodies is essential for normal function. Chemically electrolytes are substances that become ions in solution and acquire the capacity to conduct electricity.

Electrolytes interact with each other and the cells in the tissues nerves. This article discusses the potential benefits of read more. Electrolyte levels in the blood are closely regulated by the body to help keep them in balance.

Symptoms and causes of electrolyte imbalance. Some of the potential electrolytes benefits and functions in the body include. Maintains body water movement and balance.

The blood electrolytes sodium potassium chloride and bicarbonate help regulate nerve and muscle function and maintain acid base balance and water balance. This article reviews the basic physiology of electrolytes and their abnormalities and the consequences of electrolyte imbalance. Electrolytes are important for many bodily functions such as fluid balance and muscle contractions.

High or low levels of electrolytes disrupt normal bodily functions and can lead to even life threatening complications. Without them you lose focus feel tired you might get muscle cramps your organs won t be working at their. There are several common electrolytes found in the body each serving a specific and important role but most are in some part responsible for maintaining the balance of fluids between the intracellular inside the cell and extracellular outside the cell environments.

Electrolytes particularly sodium help the body maintain normal fluid levels in the fluid compartments because the amount of fluid a compartment contains depends on the amount.

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