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Sigmund freud and erik erikson are two of the pioneers of modern psychology and each of them theorized about the development of personality. Sigmund freud and erik erikson are both known for their work in psychoanalysis.

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Karena pandangannya merupakan perluasan dari teori freud.

Erik erikson vs freud. While they both separated development into distinct stages based on age groups their approach to these phases was. Erikson s theories are one of the most used theories throughout the world as of today. Like freud erikson recognized the importance of the unconscious on development.

Just like freud erikson did the belief that personality grows through various stages that are predetermined. Sementara ia dipengaruhi oleh ide ide freud teori erikson berbeda dalam beberapa hal penting. While the ideas of freud influenced erikson his theory differed from freud s in several significant ways.

Freud called this the anal stage of development and erikson called this autonomy vs. In terms of theories freud is known for his psychosexual theory and erikson is known for his psychosocial theory. Erik erikson s psychosocial theory and sigmund freud s psychosexual theory are among the well known theoriesof personality.

Membandingkan erikson s vs freud sories teori psikoseksual sigmund freud dan teori psikososial erik erikson adalah dua teori perkembangan yang terkenal. Sigmund freud is called the father of psychology. Freud s psychosexual development theory holds that parental care plays a critical role in determining how children handle their sexual drives which ultimately contributes to proper development.

Sigmund freud 1856 1939 and erik erikson 1902 1994 came up with two different theories on development. Erik erikson on the other hand was famous for his theory of psychosocial development and to learn about the identity crisis back in that time. Sigmund freud s psychosexual theory and erik erikson s psychosocial theory are two well known theories of development while he was influenced by freud s ideas erikson s theory differed in a number of important ways.

Persamaan antara teori erikson dan psikoseksual freud sebagai tokoh yang lebih suka disebut psikolog ego pasca freudian erik mempunyai beberapa kesamaan pandang dengan freud sebagai panutannya. While their theories have several factors in common such as separating a person s life in stages there are a couple of differences in their opinions as well. Erikson and freud are two names that one cannot miss while talking about psychology.

Both believe that a sense of independence is learned at this stage of development and that. Sebagaimana freud erik melihat realitas serta urutan semua tahap dalam perkembangan.

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