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The electrical shock may also cause the patient to be thrown or to fall which may result in fractures or other injuries. These type of burns occur principally because of exposure to power lines electronic appliances and wiring.

Types Of Electrical Injuries

Electrical burns are caused by the electric current that is sent through a person s body when a person suffers an electric shock injury.

Electrical burn injury. If significant electrical injury has occurred the neck and back should be protected from further injury. Depolarization of nerves and muscles causing abnormal electrical pulses in the heart and brain. A burn could occur from contact with a high voltage power line that s been damaged or that is close to a home or business.

Electrical injuries be admitted to the hospital even if there is no evidence of cardiac abnormality. They can exclusively cause surface damage but more often tissues deeper underneath the skin have been severely damaged. Extent of the damage depends on the strength and duration of the electrical current.

Electrical burns and injuries definition. Electrical burns are potentially devastating injuries with both short and long term sequelae. Electrical burns are very dangerous as the electrical current can harm internal organs and tissues as well as causing burns on the skin.

If the person with the electrical injury is near the power source such as a live wire do not approach. The current burns the person s skin either as it enters or exits the person s body or both. In 2001 the american burn association published a set of practice.

1 2 as the use of electricity and injuries from it increase all health professionals. As a result electrical burns are difficul. Electrical burns and injuries are the result electrical currents passing through the body.

How do these injuries occur. An electrical burn is a burn that results from electricity passing through the body causing rapid injury. Approximately 1 000 deaths per year due to electrical injuries are reported in the united states with a mortality rate of 3 5.

Temporary or permanent damage can occur to the skin tissues and major organs. Electrical burns should be treated appropriately. Electrical burns differ from thermal or chemical burns in that they cause much more subdermal damage.

Electric injuries burns are as a result of abnormal electrons flow through the body and may have one of two effects. In some cases no burns are visible on the skin but internal injuries have occurred. Electric injury accounts for 1000 deaths each year in the united states with a mortality rate of 3 15.

The production of an internal or external electrical burn both by heating and by producing holes in cell membranes. Unconscious people with electrical injuries should be assessed for cpr needs. Electricity should be handled with care at all times to prevent electrical burns.

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